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Waving GOOD LUCK and BON VOYAGE to our dearest Jess

It is with both sadness (for the Academy and myself), and great joy that we need to wave our Jess GOODBYE.

Jess has written her own farewell letter to you all.

Jess and Dale will be travelling to take up residence in the United States at the beginning of September. Dale has been offered an opportunity that no young couple could turn down. We sadly will be losing our Jess. However when one door closes, new doors open – for both Dale and Jess – and our Aquatic Academy. Their visas were approved this week.

Once the opportunity was on the table, we realised we needed to be proactive, and cast our net to attract new instructors worthy of replacing Jess. Jess made the final decision in our selection. She has been like a Mamma Bear in choosing who she trusted to teach “her” swimmers.

Most of you have already seen Bianca and Khyle on our pool deck. They too have written intro letters, and we are all excited to be starting a new chapter on The Academy’s 22nd Birthday.

Both Bianca and Khyle will be shadowing Jess in the final weeks of August to get to know the children and ensure a smooth transition.


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