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Specialised Stroke Correction Classes

Our Vision – LIMITLESS

We want our swimmers to never accept any boundaries in what they can achieve ….nor their abilities!

They are ………………………………….. LIMITLESS!


TEAMWORK.  We need to move forward to the future together.


Stroke technique is on-going in the Learn-to-Swim program.

While learning to swim freestyle and backstroke, your children will be introduced to the other 2 competitive strokes.


Water confident swimmers, with basic co-ordination skills progress into the stroke correction programme. Success in all aspects of life is all about learning to trust one’s self and pushing self - imposed prohibitive “boundaries” aside. This process is activated in our Learn to Swim programme.


Ensure you give your child the gift of stroke correction.


Correct stroke technique has been branded as a “GIFT FOR LIFE”, and according to many sport physiologists. Proven to be very difficult to perfect - post puberty. Stroke correction will physically strengthen your child’s body, core, and improve co-ordination, and concentration skills - as well as improving fitness.

Swimmers proficient in the competitive stroke techniques will be members of school swimming and water polo teams, earning them continued recognition.


N.B. Harsh reality! Stroke correction will ensure that your child is not ashamed or embarrassed in adulthood, to swim in a gym or public pool.

Adults choosing to take part in triathlons, or open water events such as Midmar etc., are definitely hindered.

Don’t let your child be one!



Competition will prepare your child for their future – SWIMMERS are known for their confidence and attitude!

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like an olympian
First time at a gala
Proud to be competing at a gala
Best breastroke coach in SA
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