Aquatic Academy's Top Swimmers Sign Commitment

Aquatic Academy Parents were invited to watch a DVD from world renowned swimming coach John Leonard. He sympathised with parents, and as a parent and grandparent himself, gave some insightful suggestions and opinions on how to tackle parenting problems that many parents face in our techno world. Swimming is a long term development sport as is life. The reality is that mediocre and changing channels destroys Greatness. Excellence is no longer encouraged. Role models on TV have doubtful character traits. Self-discipline and drive, are required to make GOOD, into GREAT. Children find that GOOD gets them all the recognition they need. Is nearly right, right? If the going gets tough, or boring i

Small District Team Accounced

Congratulations and good luck to the nine Aquatic Academy/ ESP swimmers that have been selected to swim for the Eastern Gauteng Team to take part in the Small District Championship Gala. Winter events have been swum at the Boksburg Indoor pool. This gala is usually the first interprovincial/ district event of the season. Swimmers need to have competed in a winter gala to be selected, as the times they posted from the past season have been removed from the present data base. Selection times have been swum since May 2015. This criteria ensures that swimmers continue to train and race in the winter months. Picture: Back row: Kyle McKenzie, Savannah Mitchell, Keara Bothma Front Row. Brooklynn Bo

International Swimming Coach Craig Jackson

Swimmers from the Eastern Strategic Swim Squad and the Aquatic Academy were treated to swimming clinics instructed by Australian International Coach, Craig Jackson. He was on a short visit to South Africa with his family. Craig motivated young swimmers and wowed them with times and training schedules expected of his Australian squad. Swimmers then took to the water to practice training drills, and techniques, under his instruction. The morning session lasted 4 hours and the afternoon over 2 hours. Craig worked through all four strokes, and the necessary turns. He emphasised the Fifth stroke the underwater breakout. Swimmers need to break the surface on or before 15m on every turn and start.

2014/2015 Aquatic Academy Recognition Awards

ISABEL HUMPHREY TROPHY Best Overall Girl Swimmer – Ashleigh Stock. MICKY BRAND TROPHY - Best Overall Male Swimmer. Kyle Mckenzie. NATALIE HINTON TROPHY – Swimmer/s that has/have shown the Spirit of a Champion. Jessica Burgess . Best Senior Girl – Savannah Mitchell. Best Senior Boy – Nicholas Smith. Most Improved Senior – Travis Banks. Best junior Boy – Murray Copeland. Best Junior Girl. – Colette Fourie Most Improved Junior – Kerrin Burgess and Kerri-lyn Claase. Zero to Hero Trophy – The spirit of a Hero. Conquering challenges. – Keagan Bothma and Keagan Pretorius Zero to Heroine Trophy –Phillipa Austin League Novice Girl – Danilka Brechenmacher League Novice Boy –

Eastern Gauteng Championships 2015

The Aquatic Academy High Performance squad has paid off., (Earlier this year the swimmers had signed a contract with themselves to persevere and train harder). All the hard work was realised this last weekend, with “chunks” of time falling off previous Personal Bests. Few finals were swum, without an Academy swimmer. Our final medal count was 9 gold, 15 silver and 23 bronze. Most swimmers have qualified now for a regional Championship at the end of the season. There was huge excitement leading up to this event and there was a general overall atmosphere of success in the swimmers tent over the last four days. Those that had put in the mileage got the results. Colette Fourie was our dynamo, f

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