2019 Swim Camp and Grand Prix, Nelspruit Mpumalanga

Five Academy swimmers had a whole new world opened to them thanks to Dean Price inviting our swimmers to join the Annual Nelspruit training camp held the first week in January 2019. Kyle McKenzie, Clayton Malaza, Bernelee Doster, Tambai Dutiro, and Annebel Van Wyk attended. Over 100 swimmers split into 3 groups were accommodated, and trained. This camp allows swimmers the opportunity to watch and learn from some of South Africa’s top swimmers such as Ayrton Sweeney, Douglas Erasmus, and Erin Gallagher. They all take part in both the camp and the gala. Swimming is probably the hardest sport to succeed at a high level. Both physical and mental toughness are required. Strict time management and


EGA established the EASTERN GAUTENG AQUATICS EXCEL TEAM setting out criteria at the beginning of this 2018/9 swim season. The aim is to encourage swimmers to train with a specific goal in sight. This squad is divided into 5 levels – each level with different criteria. Kyle Mckenzie has retained his position in the SENIOR ELITE group. He has already swum several SA Open qualifying times in the individual medley events. The SA Open competition is the second week of April. Two galas run concurrently – the SA OPEN and SA Youth Nationals. Bernelee Doster and Tambai Dutiro have been promoted into the JUNIOR ELITE SQUAD. Both have qualified for SA Junior Nations to be swum in Durban in March. Berne

Swimmers Survive “Grinch Week”

Training is all about adapting an athlete’s body to greater stresses, to improve the efficiency of that athlete in whatever sport they take part in. To this end, the Academy swimmers add an additional intensive training load (Swim Camp) directly after the Provincial/ District Championships. The first camp has 2 important advantages, other than building physical strength and endurance. · Firstly, it is mentally tough to keep carrying on. To get up and come back day after day, when the body is tired, builds mental strength and bonds the squad. · Secondly, more important than the physical adaption is the recovery. The long rest period over the festive season encourages excellent

Eastern Guateng Aquatics Summer Championships – December 2018

Kyle Mckenzie breaks record that stood for 31 years. This year the competition was strong, but the ESP Piranha team bonded well and the long days were filled with fun and laughter, and very few tears Swimmers learn to “do this” for the team – not only for themselves. Heats are swum in the mornings with finals in the evening. Finalists score the points. The Aquatic Academy swimmers competed in 34 finals, won 14 medals and 4 trophies. Bernelee Doster and Kyle Mckenzie lead the points for ESP Piranhas. They both missed very few events and swam in most of the finals that they competed in. Bernelee was awarded the Victrix Ladorum for the girls 14/15 years. As a 14 year old, this was a valiant eff

Academy’s Kerrin Burgess regains fitness

This year only Kerrin Burgess is a regular at the Open Water events. After a long period of not being well in 2018, this all round sportswoman has had to train extra hard to get back into form, she is steadily reclaiming her placings in these events. Her latest results are shown below. Event: Dis-Chem Sun City Swim Distance: 1500m (Women 14-30: Event 4) Age Placing: 18th Time: 00:24.39 (1min improvement on her time from last year - 00:25:21). Event: Cradle Moon Swim Challenge Distance: 3000m (All Ages: Event 1) Age Placing: 6th Time: 00:52:52 (2min improvement on her time from last year - 00:54:49) Event: Cradle Moon Swim Challenge Distance: 1000m (All Ages: Event 4) Age Placing: 2nd Time: 0

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