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Squad swimming – Swimming to win – be it for your health or sporting achievement.

Our Vision – LIMITLESS

We want our swimmers to never accept any boundaries in what they can achieve …. nor their abilities!

They are ………………………………….. LIMITLESS!

TEAMWORK.  We need to move forward to the future together.


Do you know that the MITOCHONDRIAL DENSITY (The “batteries”, the energy creators, of your cells) develop faster and more densely BEFORE the onset of puberty? To compete as a top athlete post puberty (i.e. as an adult), a highly developed mitochondrial density is of huge benefit - if not an absolute necessity.

What does this mean to you, and your swimmer?

It explains that pre-pubescent human bodies are more readily adaptable than post puberty bodies (adults). Parents in trying to “protect” their children from “burn out” – actually hinder them for life. Pre – pubescent athletes have less negative metabolic reactions than post pubescent athletes, to aerobic training. The human body is designed to adapt!

Not to be forgotten are neuro-muscular memory pathways! Easier to learn the right way, first time, than to correct bad habits later.

Scary facts………….. !!!!

The Aquatic Academy offers 3 squad levels - dependent on the ability and level of competition the swimmer wishes to compete in. Our swimmers compete throughout the full spectrum of events, from Novice, School, Open Water, to Provincial, National and International.

Academy, present and past swimmers have represented Gauteng Aquatics, Eastern Aquatics, and have set many provincial records ranging in events from the 50m Fly to 400m Individual Medley. Kyle Mckenzie set a new record in the 200 Individual Medley event in Pesaro (Italy) during the Rossini Cup in 2018. Swimmers compete in Age Group events, South African Regional and National Open Championships.

There is a league, or niche for every swimmer’s ability.

The Academy has introduced a High Performance Squad based on teachings of John Leonard (Director) from the American Swimming Coach’s Association. (ASCA)

He refers to “The Immutables” (non-negotiables) of life. Rules for every relationship, from work and sport, to marriage.

  • Show up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honour your team mates with your effort.

  • Do it right – first time!


These are our immutables too!


As with everything in life.....................

              .............  the more you PERFECT practice – the closer to PERFECTION one can achieve!

In the "Baby squad" (Guppies) 2 /3 hours training a week is sufficient. (This is less time than children spend attending ballet, karate, soccer etc.)

Provincial selection starts from the 10 and under age group…………… and remember what we said about Mitochondrial Density!

To develop a competent competitive swimmer will usually take a minimum of a year of steady, consistent training, and many DQs.

The swimmers from the Aquatic Academy are registered with ESP Piranha Aquatics.  Competition is vital to encourage swimmers to train, whether at novice or league level.

N.B. FEAR OF FAILURE is an UNNECESSARY BURDEN! Children need to learn to set their own standards on themselves, and to compete with themselves - not others!!! Children are often terrified of competition. We as parents are inadvertently "to blame". We get very excited and overly praise our children when they do well. Children become afraid of "letting us down", because we do not light up internally, like a Christmas tree, when they do not do so well.

These are the swimmers that would rather not compete. Their confidence in themselves needs to be addressed at a young age, and not swept under the carpet.

You have to begin win.


N.B. Achievers are not necessarily the top swimmers. They are those that have learned to persevere. Quitting is never an option! 

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