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Eastern Guateng Aquatics Summer Championships – December 2018

Kyle Mckenzie breaks record that stood for 31 years.

This year the competition was strong, but the ESP Piranha team bonded well and the long days were filled with fun and laughter, and very few tears

Swimmers learn to “do this” for the team – not only for themselves. Heats are swum in the mornings with finals in the evening. Finalists score the points.

The Aquatic Academy swimmers competed in 34 finals, won 14 medals and 4 trophies.


Bernelee Doster and Kyle Mckenzie lead the points for ESP Piranhas. They both missed very few events and swam in most of the finals that they competed in.

Bernelee was awarded the Victrix Ladorum for the girls 14/15 years. As a 14 year old, this was a valiant effort, winning 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Kyle Mckenzie came second in his age group (17 and over) proving that swimmers can maintain fitness, while writing Matric. Kyle won 5 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Kyle also broke 2 EGA records. The 200 Individual medley gala record was set 31 years ago in a time of 2:13.24. This is not his personal best time – but considering that the 200Individual Medley is one of the last events explains why this record has stood so long. Kyle broke the Eastern Gauteng 400 Individual Medley time, in th18 year old Age group in a time of 4:47.36. Clayton finished in a credible 9th place overall, in the same age group.

The Academy junior girls have set up a “Mighty Mice Squad” that worked well together, encouraging each other every day. Mikayla Pon and Annebel Van Wyk scored the bulk of our points in the 10/ 11 age group. Mikayla finished 4th overall, swimming 11 finals and achieving 11 personal best times. Annebel Van Wyk attained 6th place overall, winning 2 silver and 1 bronze medal, as well as 2 trophies in this age group.

Not to be out done.... Our 2 babies. Mighty Mouse, Oratile Matli placed 8th overall and Ethan Hooper 9th overall with a bronze medal too.

Other medal winners were Tambai Dutiro with 2 bronze medals. Morgan Corns – 1 gold.

Finalists – Mighty Mouse, Ashley Corns (2 finals). Oyama Malaza (3 finals), and Savannah Sheerin 1.

Great swimming with many personal bests, that made the long event worthwhile, promising a great finish to the season with sustained work.

Medal / Finalists.

L-R Seated

Ashley Corns. Mikayla Pon. Morgan Corns.

Ethan Hooper. Oratile Matli. Oyama Malaza. Bernelee Doster. Annebel Van Wyk

Savannah Sheerin. Tambai Dutiro, Kyle McKenzie. Clayton Malaza. Christina Pon and Zimasa Ngqawana (Peeping)

ESP medal winners at 2018 Champs

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