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2019 Swim Camp and Grand Prix, Nelspruit Mpumalanga

Five Academy swimmers had a whole new world opened to them thanks to Dean Price inviting our swimmers to join the Annual Nelspruit training camp held the first week in January 2019. Kyle McKenzie, Clayton Malaza, Bernelee Doster, Tambai Dutiro, and Annebel Van Wyk attended. Over 100 swimmers split into 3 groups were accommodated, and trained. This camp allows swimmers the opportunity to watch and learn from some of South Africa’s top swimmers such as Ayrton Sweeney, Douglas Erasmus, and Erin Gallagher. They all take part in both the camp and the gala.

Swimming is probably the hardest sport to succeed at a high level. Both physical and mental toughness are required. Strict time management and self-discipline are essential. The primary lesson learned by our swimmers is that they must, need to “want, taste and be hungry” to succeed and win. At this level the effort has to come from deep within themselves – not coaches nor parents instructing.

After 2 sessions a day, ice baths (Ice bath at about 8 degrees), and strange beds the swimmers needed to learn to set their focus on the Grand Prix. .... and NO curled toes! Relaxed! The camp finished fast - racing in the first Grand Prix of 2019. Our swimmers had to learn to "Stand Up" and race – no matter what mood they were in, or how they may feel physically!

Ice bath to freshen up

Only 2 age groups compete.... 13 and under and 14 and over. The gala was swum in 2 sessions.

Academy report back. Results follow:

Annebel (11) was the swimmer that improved the most. 7 events. 7 PBs and 2 third positions and 2 fourth.

Bernelee (14) swam ANOTHER SAJN qualifying time in the 200 back in a time of 2. 34:60!!

7 events. 6 PB'S. Several top 6 places.

Kyle (18) only swam 1 PB but managed mostly top 8 positions within Youth times. 4th place in 400IM. Kyle also achieved a Bachelor Pass in Matric!

Clayton (17) swam a brilliant 100m breast in a PB time of 1:12.33. Kyle and Clayton won 7th and 8th place. 4 Pb's achieved.

Tambai (14) tried hard but was a little over whelmed. He managed to swim within 1 second of most of his PBs.

Lessons hopefully learned... and time to move on up.

Regionals and Nationals ahead in March and April.

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