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5 ESP swimmers compete for Ekurhuleni at O.R. Tambo/Socini games

Young Athletes took part in this exciting concept that was initiated last year on what would have been the 100th birthday of O.R. Tambo.

Well done to our five ESP swimmers that were selected to compete in the 2018 O R Tambo Socini Games, hosted at the St. Benedict's, 50m pool. Ekurhuleni won the swimming competition.

Our ESP Piranha Super fish are Oyama Malaza, Graham Peacock, Tinashe Senzeko, Zimasa Ngqawana, and Ona Matli.

Oyama - 5 final ribbons. Won 3 gold and 1 silver medal, scoring 92 points.

Ona - 3 PB times. 4 final ribbons. Scored 65 points.

Graham swam 5 PB times scoring 55 points. 3 final ribbons.

Zimasa swam 5 PB times wining a silver medal and 5 final ribbons

Tinashe achieved 2 PB times and 2 ribbons.

The club are proud of their achievements and looking forward to them swimming in great teams in the future.

Picture. Zimasa Ngqawana. Graham Peacock. Oyama Malaza. Ona Matli. Tinashe Senzeko

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