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ESP scoops several top awards at EASTERN GAUTENG ANNUAL AWARDS

Kyle Mckenzie finished the season on a well deserved high. He was awarded both the President’s Trophy and the EGA Best Youth Performance Trophy, among 4 further awards (as listed below). The ESP team are proud of their achievements from this past season and this award ceremony gave credence to their renewed confidence.

Back row. Savannah Mitchell, Annabelle Van Wyk, Savannah Sheerin and Coach Liz Humphrey

Soul Aquatics hosted the Eastern Gauteng Awards breakfast. Eastern Aquatics has raised the levels required for recognition over the past seasons to ensure that swimmers train harder, to strive for awards and recognition, and hopefully raise the standard of swimming in South Africa.

Several ESP Kempton Aquatic swimmers, and the Aquatic Academy/ ESP Coach, were recognised for their achievements during the 2016/17 swim season.

The Recognition awards were presented first, followed by the major awards (The trophies):

Top EGA Age group: 9-10 Annebel van Wyk (Debbie Mcgee Swim School)

15-16: Kyle McKenzie

Top Regional Performance: Level 2 Savannah Sheerin

SA Junior Nationals Kyle McKenzie and Savannah Mitchell

Records - EGA Age group: Kyle McKenzie for his 200 Individual Medley swim at SA Youth Nationals

Savannah Mitchell for her 50 Breaststroke swim at an inter provincial.


EGA coach of the Year 2016/17 : Liz Humphrey

Open Water Nationals and EGA provincial colours: Nicholas Smith

SA Youth Nationals and EGA provincial colours: Savannah Mitchell & Kyle McKenzie

EGA Best Youth Performance: Kyle Mckenizie - for his 2 bronze medals and semi final qualification at SA Youth Nationals

EGA President's trophy: Kyle Mckenzie

Congratulations to our swimmers and Coach we are very proud of you.

Group pic. With their awards.

Back row. Savannah Mitchell, Annabelle Van Wyk, Savannah Sheerin and Coach Liz Humphrey.

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