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Winter 1 - Level 1 and 2

Winter 1 for our Level 1 and Level 2 swimmers finally happened on 07 August 2021. Our 13 novice swimmers acquitted themselves well after a bit of a shaky start at the beginning.

Nerves and the unfamiliarity of the pool (that seemed so much bigger than the training pool) played a part in the early jitters.

The strongest performances of the day, were in the girls 50m Backstroke race which:

  1. Madison Meyer (15) swam in 36.76s

  2. Morgan Meyer (13) swam in 40.64s and

  3. Khalalelo Rathlogo (9) swam in 51.63s.

The boys gave their best performance in the 100m Freestyle which

  1. Bradley Goodsir(10) swam in 1:42.75

  2. Miguel Nunes(10) swam in 01:48.94

  3. Damian Brechenmacher(10) swam in 01:51.43

The biggest win for me however came from everyone overcoming their gala nerves and fears. Keeping themselves going and giving their all even when half of them wanted to go home after warm-up.


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