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Piranha Superstars

“Bernelee Doster, once again, managed to amaze me”. (Her coach with decades of coaching experience).

Bernelee chose to swim every event... again... And yet again excelled. ‍Her dedication to anything she undertakes to achieve, pulled her through.

Victrix Ladorum (Top point scorer) - Woman 16 years and over.

Victrix for Top Scoring Senior Swimmer.

Victrix for Top Points of the whole championship.

Bernelee raced in 16 events of which only 4 were Timed Finals – the 800m and 400m free. 200m butterfly and 400m IM.

28 power races in 5 days. All strokes. All distances. Bernelee qualified in the morning to swim the finals in the Afternoon, in every event she swam. She won 7 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals. She had to race 4 finals every afternoon.

Piranha - Mikayla Pon placed third for the Victrix 12/13 years - 3rd place.

Piranhas swimmers qualified for 86 final places bringing home 9 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 bronze medals.

This small team was a pleasure to coach.

Pics of Bernelee and Mikayla (Caps have names :-) )


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