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Level 3 Northern Regionals

Press release:-

Took time for swimmers to get moving, but as always they stepped up to the block.

Third day delayed with rain. Luckily cleared and moved on.

Again, swimmers were kept in their own training bubble.

Summary of this weekends results.

Mikayla 12 Events, 8 Finals, 2 Silver Medals, 95 Points

Karl 6 Events, 2 Finals, 3 PBs, 26 Points

Robyn 12 Events, 2 Finals, 9 PBs, 23 Points

Ethan 12 Events, 1 Final, 1 Silver Medal, 5 PBs, 17 Points

Well done all four of you!

I look forward to you making SANJ as you all said you want to!!!! You know how competitive the field is now. Go do it! We know you can


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