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Eastern Gauteng Championships 2020

Piranhas small team places 5th in both the men and women categories.

Another EGA Championships done and dusted... in Covid style.

Swimmers were kept in their social bubbles. Masks pulled down quick for photos. Luckily the weather was good and nothing dampened the team spirit.

As always we have swimmers that have basked in the glory they have worked for, and equally important, those that progressed up the rankings, posting faster and faster times. Several swimmers experienced marshalling for finals for the first time. This experience is terrifying. Once the excitement of qualifying has faded, athletes need to learn to control their nerves to swim the same race – all over again.

Our small team held 5th place, qualified for 86 finals.

Piranha top 5 point scorers are:

Bernelee Doster (216 points)

Mikayla Pon (111 points)

Robyn Barbour 90 points

Francois Allers 78 points

Ethan Hooper 69 points.

Oratile and Chubekile Ndawo swam their first finals - in the gruelling 100 fly. very brave!


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