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ESP Piranhas UNSTOPPABLE at Level 1 Regionals

The “Unstoppable” Piranhas had a team of 13 swimmers competing in the Level 1 Regionals held last weekend at the Hillcrest Pool in Pretoria. 41 teams from across the combined Gauteng area took part. The Piranhas won overall, scoring 1520 points, and were awarded the trophy for the highest average score per swimmer (116.93). Swimmers from 3 Training squads (The Aquatic Academy, Tigers, and Debbie Mcgee) combined their efforts behind ESP Piranhas, to win this gala. The ESP committee had chosen to give the swimmers a motivational shirt for each level that the Piranhas compete in. The message to our Level 1 team was - “Unstoppable. Every Start. Every Turn. Every Finish”. The swimmers proudly wore their event T Shirt. Our top five competitors were: Danika Brechenmacher placed 164 points on the scoreboard, claiming 6 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Second was Adam Maule who scored 150 points and proudly wore 3 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

Mogale Kgaswe added 128 points, with3 gold,2 silver, and 1 bronze to his name.

Fourth was jointly held by Oratile Ndawo (1 gold. 1 silver. 4 bronze) and Kaitlyn Immelman (3 gold and 3 bronze medals) with 126 points each. Swimmers had

to make a top 10 place to score for the club. All 13 of our swimmers placed well to keep our average high.

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