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Many of our novice swimmers competed at the Lois Basset Memorial Gala, swum at the Boksburg Municipal Pool on the 22nd February. Their spirit and talent shone a bright light on the future of Aquatic Academy swimming.

All races were swum over 33.3 yards. Swimmers as young as our four year old Amelia Rose Geldart, had to swim the distance unaided. Amelia won a silver medal and a ribbon in the backstroke and freestyle events.

The top 3 swimmers in each event and age group, were awarded medals, with ribbons for those making a top 8 place.

The Academy came home with 11 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze, and fists full of ribbons.

Other Aquatic Academy medalists:

Ruben Horstmann, a silver medal and a finalist ribbon.

Kyle Ribeiro - 4 gold medals.

Kael Ebrahims - 4 gold medals.

Sebastian Greenwood - 2 bronze and 1 ribbon.

Khalalelo Ratlego- 1 gold medal and 1 ribbon

Bradley Goodsir - 1 silver medal and 2 ribbons.

Madison Bellgarda - 1 gold medal and 1 ribbon

Kyla Short - 1 silver medal

A wonderful day filled with an overload of cuteness, and determination.

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