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South African Open Short Course Championships 2019

Preamble: The SA Open has no divisions. Qualifying is on the level of SA Youth, however 14/15 year olds race with 24/28 year olds!

Piranha Ambassadors from Aquatic Academy in Kempton Park recently competed at the South African Open Short Course Championships swum at the Seals Swim Centre in Pietermaritzburg.

Kyle Mckenzie and Bernelee Doster swam with merit at this national open event competing with South Africa;s top swimmers in the Open Age Group.

Kyle qualified for 2x A finals and 3x B Finals. Best swim overall was his 400m Individual Medley in a time of 4:32.03. 6th place.

Bernelee (just 15 years) qualified for 2x B finals. She swam 1: 06:15 in the 100m backstroke event, and finished the 200m backstroke in 2.21.55. At The Central Gauteng Short Course Age Group Championship, she competed on only one day winning a gold for the 100m backstroke and two Bronze medals for the 200 breaststroke and 100 Individual Medley.

A few other swimmers chose to compete at this event for race practice. Tambai Dutiro won a bronze in the 200 Backstroke.

Annebel Van Wyk won 2 gold medals for the 200m Individual Medley, 400m freestyle, and a bronze in the 200 backstrokeat this Championship.

The season ahead is looking promising for Piranhas.

Bernelee and Kyle - international swimmers

Picture: Bernelee and Kyle giving each other support.

They both travelled to Italy to compete in the Treviso Cup. Bernelee returned with a few medals. Kyle set a records at this event last year.

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