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2019 South African Open and Youth Aquatic Championships

Academy swimmers Kyle and Bernelee smash long standing provincial records. These two events run concurrently giving Youth swimmers the opportunity to compete with Senior Elite qualifiers. The gala was held the second week in April in the Kings Park Aquatic Pool, Durban.

Kyle, Douglas & Bernelee

Kyle Mckenzie and Bernelee Doster both qualified to compete in this grand finale at the end of every season. International swimmers of the caliber of Chad le Clos, Brad Tandy, Ayerton Sweeney, Douglas Erasmus, and Tatiana Schoenmacher were all there. Kyle (18) qualified with several events for the SA Open Championship (Junior Elite 23 years and younger). He smashed records set in 1995 and 1994 for the 200 and 400 Individual Medleys, respectively. Kyle swam 2:09:28 (previous record 2:14. 93) for the 200 IM and 4:38.18 (Previous time 4:54. 66) for the 400IM. He smashed the 200 breaststroke record swimming a 2:23.53 (previous record 2:31.71). Kyle lowered the provincial 100 breaststroke record from 1:08.74 to 1:07. 64 to ensure 2019 Senior Open Nationals is his most successful to date. Kyle is a versatile medley swimmer and powerful breaststroker. He swam 9 personal top times, and qualified in 3 B finals. Bernelee (14 years)– not to be left out, smashed a record set in 1995 when she swam 1:07.94 (Previous time 1:10.38) for the 100m backstroke. Bernelee qualified to compete in the Championships in the Youth Category (23 and under), Her swim won her a gold medal for this event and a SENIOR Open qualifying time. Bernelee has lowered the provincial record also set in 1995 for the 200 backstroke with a time of 2: 27:67 (previous time 2.31.71), narrowly missing a bronze medal. Her 50 backstroke set another record time 32.59 (previous 33.05). Great excitement surrounded the gala this year, in anticipation of the prospects ahead for the 2020 Olympics. South African medal winners such as Chad Le Clos and Tatiana Schoenmacher competed, drawing the spectators. 2019 Regionals have been the most successful for many years. The hard work and perseverance has paid off. The three squad groups from Aquatic Academy, Tigers and Debbie Mcgee have ensured the ESP Piranha brand is now recognised and been well represented at all 5 levels of South African competition. Level 1 team - First place!!!!!! Level 2 - CGA End of year Level 2 Championships - 5th out of 60 plus clubs. Level 3 - great results and bonding with the Tanzanian Team South African National Junior Aquatics - Final placing 56th out of 108 national and international clubs. Pic- Kyle, Douglas Erasmus, Bernelee Not bad results for our little club!

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