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SANJ 2019 COMPETED AT THE KINGS Park pool in Durban. This facility is one of the best (if not the best) in the country. With the well-lit, indoor 50m pool, and large raised surround stadium, all spectators are treated to excellent views of the swimming. The competition extends over 5 full days. The outdoor heated pool accommodates the need for swimmers to keep agile. This separate warm up and cool down facility is available to the swimmers and coaches, throughout the competition. ESP awarded “Colours” to Kyle Mckenzie, Bernelee Doster, and Tambai Dutiro by giving them the striking white honours Piranha Jacket. Many successes and life lessons will always be realized at this level of competition. Kyle Mckenzie had his best SAJN to date qualifying in 6 finals, scoring 20 points, and swimming 12 PBs.

Bernelee Doster and Tambai Dutiro, at first found this level of competition intimidating. 800 plus,of the best junior swimmers in the country took part. Bernelee scored 8 points, qualified in 4 finals and swam 8 PBs. Tambai swam 3 PBs.

Final placing 56th out of 108 clubs. Not bad for our little club!

Bernelee Doster. Coach Liz Humphrey. Kyle Mckenzie, Tambai Dutiro.

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