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Eastern Aquatics Level 3 Regionals 2019

Eastern Aquatics Level 3 Regionals was swum at the

Delville pool in Germiston. Over 800 swimmers took part in this 4day competition, leading to long mornings and early afternoons. Heats needed to be swum first for swimmers to qualify to compete in the finals, that were swum in the evenings. Usually, around 50 heats of Men and Woman swam the same event. This lead to long days, and late nights at the Delville pool. Our small team of 5 Piranhas swam exceptionally well. The Tanzanian team joined our small team, supported by their Coach Alex Mwaipasi and manager Inviolata Itatiro. Great teams. Great teamwork – from both teams. PB times from all 5 of our Piranha swimmers. They qualified in 17 finals. Clayton won 1 gold and 1 silver medal in the 4 finals that he qualified for. Mikayla swam in 6 finals. Oyama - 3 finals, and Annebel - 4 finals. Our small team was joined by the Tanzanian swimmers. Both teams camped together in the crowded area that we had allocated. The Tanzanian team was supported by Coach Alex Mwaipasi and manager Inviolata Itatiro. They too, swam very well, with Natalia Ladha winning gold in the 200m back. The swimmers from Tanzania were Nabeel Gahhu, Ria Save, Peter Itatiro, Natalia Ladha, Sophia Latiff, Aravind Raghavendran, Isabelle and Niamh Powell.

ESP & Tanzania teams

Team photo – ESP Piranhas and Tanzania. Back. Coach Alex Mwaipasi. Nabeel Gahhu. Niamh Powell. Clayton Malaza. Isabelle Powell. Coach Liz Humphrey (With Tanzanian Scarf and beane!) Middle Row – Christina Pon (Supporter) Annebel Van Wyk, Natalia Ladha, Oyama Malaza. Front row. Ria Save. Peter Itatiro. Mikayla Pon. Sophia Latiff. Romeo – Mihaly Asubisye. Absent Ashley Corns and Inviolata Itatiro

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