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CGA End of Season Level 2 Championships

Our ESP Level 2 swimmers competed in the CGA End of Season Level 2 Championships, swum at Ellis Park Pool. As expected, the piranhas made coaches and parents proud of their competition ethics. ESP Piranhas held 6th place with 825 points. 27 teams took part. This team is always bursting with fun, games, and energy. They ensured the coaches and Manager, Sam Burgess, were kept on their toes. Christina Pon won 1 silver, bettered all her times and was our top point scorer with 125 points. Kerrin Burgess won 3 silver and 1 bronze medal, scoring 103 points. Francois Alers scored 56 points and won a silver. Zivana Kriel, Danika Brechenmacher, Oratile Matli, and Ethan Hooper all added to the ESP score. The ESP team comprised mainly of swimmers from Tertia Biffi Tigers and The Academy. The other team members are Zimasa Ngqawana, Mosidi Kgaswe, Dylan Hutton, Connor Cockcroft and Morgan Corns. ESP Piranha Level 2 Team. Back row: Kerrin Burgess. Ona Matli (Supporter) Zimasa Ngqawana, Christine Pon. Mosidi Kgaswe. Oratile Matli. Middle: Zivana Kriel. Quamar Ngqawana (Supporter) COBUS. Danika Brechenmacher. Francois Alers. Front: Ethan Hooper. Connor Cockroft. Ethan Hutton

ESP Level 2 team

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