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Swimmers Survive “Grinch Week”

Training is all about adapting an athlete’s body to greater stresses, to improve the efficiency of that athlete in whatever sport they take part in. To this end, the Academy swimmers add an additional intensive training load (Swim Camp) directly after the Provincial/ District Championships.

The first camp has 2 important advantages, other than building physical strength and endurance.

· Firstly, it is mentally tough to keep carrying on. To get up and come back day after day, when the body is tired, builds mental strength and bonds the squad.

· Secondly, more important than the physical adaption is the recovery. The long rest period over the festive season encourages excellent recovery

Officially the Academy categorises this training load as a Swim Camp…… However, the swimmers like it to be known as HELL WEEK. One year we were "politically correct" and named the camp Grinch Week. Not one swimmer impressed with surviving GRINCH WEEK!

So Hell Week we remain!!!

The seniors completed 50km in 7 sessions. The rest of the squad obviously swims far shorter and less intensive sets, but keep swimming for the same time.

Natalie Jane Hinton, as past Academy swimmer, assisted the coaches.

Very proud Swimmers. Ultra proud of their certificates.

Group pic.

L-R - Standing.

Lwandle Masango, Nat Hinton (Assistant Coach) Chubikile Ndawo. Francois Alers. Oratile Ndawo.

Seated: Roxanne Coetzer. Oratile Matli, Ethan Hooper.

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