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EGA established the EASTERN GAUTENG AQUATICS EXCEL TEAM setting out criteria at the beginning of this 2018/9 swim season. The aim is to encourage swimmers to train with a specific goal in sight. This squad is divided into 5 levels – each level with different criteria.

Kyle Mckenzie has retained his position in the SENIOR ELITE group. He has already swum several SA Open qualifying times in the individual medley events. The SA Open competition is the second week of April. Two galas run concurrently – the SA OPEN and SA Youth Nationals.

Bernelee Doster and Tambai Dutiro have been promoted into the JUNIOR ELITE SQUAD. Both have qualified for SA Junior Nations to be swum in Durban in March. Bernelee has further qualified to complete in the Youth Open with Kyle, in April. Tambai, with further hard work, is hoping to join them.

New comers to the Elite Squad are Clayton Malaza who has qualified for the YOUTH SQUAD, along with Mikayla Pon and Annebel Van Wyk for the JUNIOR SQUAD. These swimmers must have at least 4, Level 3 qualifying times.

Oyama Malaza has proudly retained his place in the GROWTH SQUAD along with 3 more new qualifiers – Ona Matli, Mosidi Kgaswe and Zimasa. These swimmers have shown potential that Easterns hopes will be realised. (Mosidi and Zimasa train with Tigers Academy).

The hard work has been recognised – and now the real hard work has begun in the lead up to the National and Regional competitions following in the next 2 to 3 months.

Pics of Academy Swimmers.

Top pic. Bernelee Doster. Mikayla Pon. Annebel Van Wyk.

Lower pic.. Oyama Malaza. Clayton Malaza, Ona Matli. Kyle Mckenzie. Tambai Dutiro.

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