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Eastern Gauteng Awards 2017 Season

Coaches are very proud of all our Academy and ESP squad members, and in particular Ashley Corns, Clayton Malaza and Bernelee for the recognition they received at the Eastern Gauteng Awards that celebrates swimmers' achievements, from the previous season.

The following awards were received:

Ashley Corns. Bernelee Doster. Kyle Mckenzie. Clayton Malaza

Top Age group scorers. Ashley Corns. Clayton Malaza, Kyle Mckenzie, Bernelee Doster.

Records: Kyle McKenzie and Bernelee Doster

Acknowledgement for SSA participation in Tanzania - Clayton Malaza

SA Open qualification. Kyle Mckenzie.

Kyle Mckenzie was awarded a Provincial Blazer in recognition of his achievements. This blazer is rarely awarded.

Pic :

Ashley Corns. Bernelee Doster. Kyle Mckenzie. Clayton Malaza.

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