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Clayton Malaza praised for exemplary behaviour

Clayton Malaza’s 2017/8 season has started off in a positive direction. Recently he returned from Italy where he represented Aquatics Gauteng team at the Soncini Games. Clayton has also been selected as a member of the official Swim South Africa training squad, for 2018.

Clayton Malaza

200 athletes from many various disciplines of sport (Rugby, athletics, Netball) flew the SA Flag high.

Clayton’s highlight was a letter, sent to his mother Charlotte Malaza, by the Eastern Gauteng President Cheryl Knight. A section is quoted below:

“At a meeting last night with officials that attended the Soncini Games, Clayton was highly praised on his exemplary behaviour, sportsmanship and interaction with the team at the Soncini Games in Italy.

Thank you to Clayton for being a great ambassador of our sport.

Congratulations on your young gentleman, we at Eastern’s Aquatics are very proud of him.”

So are we at ESP and Aquatic academy.

In the past swim seasons, Clayton has represented South Africa at 2 CANA Games – one in Mozambique and most recently, Tanzania.

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