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South African Junior Nationals - 2018

Kings Park pool once again hosted this national gala. Great potential for the future of swimming in South Africa was evident. With continues work perhaps South Africa could return to its former strength in the pool.

Kyle McKenzie & Dad after record swim

Kyle Mckenzie and Kyle Letley both swam new personal best times. Kyle Mckenzie was ecstatic to lower the Eastern Gauteng 200 Individual Medley record time, set in 2004, to 2: 12:36.

Kyle Letley qualified for his first S. A. Youth competition in the 200 Individual medley with a personal Best time of 2:18:88. “The Two Kyles” (as they are becoming known) will be competing in Port Elizabeth at the South African Nationals during the last week of April. The South African Nationals runs 3 levels concurrently – SA OPEN, SA Elite Youth, and SA Youth.

Kyle Mckenzie will be competing in the SA Elite group this year. Last year he won 2 bronze medals in the Youth category for the 200 individual medley and 200 breaststroke and set two new Eastern times.

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