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Level 1 Regionals - 2018

This entry group into competitive swimming is always filled with fun…. And at times tears. Swimmers begin to understand the stresses of competition (as do the parents!). Delville pool in Germiston was the venue.

This year was no different. Aquatic Academy had 7 swimmers competing in the ESP Piranha team, along with swimmers from Debbie Mcgee and Tiga Tiger. A lot of talent was noted and many lessons learned which will hopefully assist all of these swimmers to Level 2 Regionals, in next season. Most swimmers swam their best times.

Christina Pon achieved two Level 2 qualifying times and went on to enter the CGA Level 2 event, recently held at Ellis Park. She was the top point scorer for ESP on 157 points.

Second place was Zimasa Ngqawana - 141 points. Third - Qamar Ngqawana (111 points). Fourth Erin Longhurst - 105 points. Fifth Mogale Kgaswe 103 points

ESP Level 1 Regionals team 2018

Back Row: Tristan Foley. LeoVollenbroek.Kyle Mckenzie (Team Manager). Kaitlyn Immelman. Erin Longhurst.Middle: Qamar Ngqawana.Ona Matli (lying back). Zimasa Ngqawana. Christina Pon. Graham Peacock.Mosedi Kgaswe.Roxanne Coetzee and Oratile Matli.Front... Lying down... Mogale KgasweAbsent Xivono Chauke

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