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Central Gauteng Level 2 – End of year gala

After much confusion over strategic venues and a state funeral, our excited Aquatic Academy, Level 2 swimmers, finally got to compete for ESP Piranhas.

Morgan Corns was ESP’s top point scorer, attaining 8 final positions, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal (111 points). Annebel Van Wyk followed closely, scoring 104 points. Annebel scored with 8 final positions and 1 silver medal.

Kerrin Burgess, who was only available for half of the event scored on 3 finals, winning a bronze medal. Christina Pon scored with 5 final positions and Ashley Corns 3.

Joan Lourens. (Coach). Top (Christina Pon) Below: Morgan Corns. Ashley Corns. Annebel Van Wyk. Kerrin Burgess.

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