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3 Academy swimmers qualified for Italian Tours

The “Two Kyles”, (Mckenzie and Letley), and Clayton Malaza, will soon be travelling to Italy.

The Kyles will leave mid June 2018, to compete in the Circuito Nuoto Italia. The swimmers had to qualify for the privilege to participate in these prestigious events, and the training camps offered. These competitions are: Trofeo Citta’ Di Rossini, Pesaro – 15 – 17 June 2018 Treviso Swim cup – 22 – 23 June 2018.

Kyle Letley, Clayton Malaza & Klyle McKenzie

Clayton Malaza has been selected to travel in July to take part in the Tri Colour Games to be held in Socini Italy.

Training to one day compete on the international scene is very expensive. Most swimmers (as in other sports) are required to pay for their own way.

“The two Kyles”, along with their training partner Clayton will be hosting several events in the next few weeks to raise the necessary funds, to facilitate their inclusion to compete in these travelling teams.

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