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Kyle returns with 2 Bronze Medals from South African Youth Nationals

Kyle on the winner's podium

The South African National Youth Championships were held in conjunction with the SA Open National Aquatic Championships at the Kings Park pool in Durban.

Kyle Mckenzie, and Savannah Mitchell from ESP and the Aquatic Academy, both qualified for this event and swam under the Eastern Gauteng Aquatics banner. The 6 member team were awarded with track tops, towels, and a different shirt for each day.

Kyle won bronze medals in the Individual Medley in a personal best time of 2.13.63 and the 200 breaststroke event with another personal best time of 2.31:88. Kyle lowered his 200 freestyle to 2.02:31.

His big surprise came when he made the cut off for the SA Open semi final event

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