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Level 2 Regional Championships

Level 2 Regional Championships held at Delville in Germiston saw Savannah Sheerin finaling in 10 events and winning 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 bronze medals. Savannah on her own scored a tally of 89 points.

This amazing team swam hard and ended up on the final count scoreboard in 10th position (more than 70 clubs took part)

Kailyn Murrin won 2 bronze medals and swam 3 finals scoring 23 points. Kerrin Burgess won a silver and qualified in 4 final events. Clayton Malaza won one Bronze medal qualifying for 7 finals.

Other ESP Finalists and point scorers are Storm Ryder (3 Finals), Phillipa Austin (2 Finals) Brooklynn Bohler (1 Final). Morgan Corns (1 Final), Zoe Stock (3 Finals).

The Woman 15 to 18 year relay teams won 1 bronze for the 4 x 50 free (Storm Ryder, Brooklyn Bohler, Kerrin Burgess and Savannah Sheerin), and a silver in 4x 50 Medley relay team (Storm Ryder, Kailyn Murrin, Brooklyn Bohler and Savannah Sheerin).

Picture: Savannah Sheerin, Jonathan Smith. Kerrin Burgess, Nicholas Smith, Murray Copeland, Caitlin Stott, Storm Ryder.

Front: Phillipa Austin and Morgan Corns.

Absent: Kailyn Murrin, Bernalee Doster, Clayton Malaza, Brooklynn Bohler, Ashleigh and Zoe Stock, Kerrilyn Claase.

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