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Swim South Africa Level 1 Regional Championships

Aquatic Academy Level 1 Finalists & Medal Winners 2016

Over 700 swimmers qualified, from 70 clubs around Southern Africa to compete at the at Level 1 Regional Championships recently held at the Delville Swimming Pool in Germiston.

Unfortunately, due to school and public holidays many swimmers were away, so ESP was represented by a small group of 8. This little group managed to achieve 23rd place out of the 70 clubs that took part. No relay teams were entered.

Kerri-Lyn Claase won 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, and was the highest scorer for ESP with 36 points, followed by Kerrin Burgess (35 points) who won 1 gold and 1 silver. Ciaran Le Goff won a silver (31 points). Arno Jobert (20 points), Nadine Vorster (3 points), Arno Vorster (3 points). Kerri-Lyn and Kerrin both swam level 2 times that they will need to maintain to move to Level 2. Our swimmers qualified for 26 finals

Adrian Ristow and Danika Brechenmacher both swam their best times in the events they qualified to swim.

Picture: Finalists.

Back row: Nadine Vorster. Anru Vorster, Ciaran Le Goff.

Front Row:Kerri-lyn Claase. Kerrin Burgess, Evadnee Le Goff (team Manager) and Arno Joubert.

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