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Aquatic Academy's Top Swimmers Sign Commitment

Aquatic Academy Parents were invited to watch a DVD from world renowned swimming coach John Leonard. He sympathised with parents, and as a parent and grandparent himself, gave some insightful suggestions and opinions on how to tackle parenting problems that many parents face in our techno world.

Swimming is a long term development sport as is life. The reality is that mediocre and changing channels destroys Greatness.

Excellence is no longer encouraged. Role models on TV have doubtful character traits. Self-discipline and drive, are required to make GOOD, into GREAT. Children find that GOOD gets them all the recognition they need. Is nearly right, right? If the going gets tough, or boring is changing channel the best way forward? These are a few of the questions he asked of parents.

Craig Jackson followed with a swim clinic for our swimmers (Craig has just returned from the Kazan World Championships. His swimmer won a bronze). He is an Australian Gold Card Podium Coach. He spoke to the swimmers on motivation and explained similar culture expectations.

The Academy, with input from the parents, chose to establish its own High Performance Squad and has incorporated all the buzz words, thoughts and phrases that both Craig and Leonard had discussed. The word Culture is a constant in their positive vocabulary. Culture of self respect. Culture of hard work. Ownership of their sport.

John Leonard refers to the Immutables. Facts that cannot change!

  • Show up.

  • Honour your team mates with your effort.

  • Do it right first time!

Swimmers in the top Academy squad now need to voluntarily buy into this new culture and take responsibility and ownership, for their choices. They have signed a contract with themselves. They acknowledge that they will lose their place in this squad, if the commitment to themselves, and respect to their team mates is lost.

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