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Small District Team Accounced

Congratulations and good luck to the nine Aquatic Academy/ ESP swimmers that have been selected to swim for the Eastern Gauteng Team to take part in the Small District Championship Gala.

Winter events have been swum at the Boksburg Indoor pool. This gala is usually the first interprovincial/ district event of the season. Swimmers need to have competed in a winter gala to be selected, as the times they posted from the past season have been removed from the present data base. Selection times have been swum since May 2015.

This criteria ensures that swimmers continue to train and race in the winter months.


Back row:

Kyle McKenzie, Savannah Mitchell, Keara Bothma

Front Row.

Brooklynn Bohler, Caitlin Stott, Ashleigh Stock.


Murray Copeland, Storm Ryder and Skye Sheerin.

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