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2014/2015 Aquatic Academy Recognition Awards

ISABEL HUMPHREY TROPHY Best Overall Girl Swimmer – Ashleigh Stock. MICKY BRAND TROPHY - Best Overall Male Swimmer. Kyle Mckenzie. NATALIE HINTON TROPHY – Swimmer/s that has/have shown the Spirit of a Champion. Jessica Burgess . Best Senior Girl – Savannah Mitchell. Best Senior Boy – Nicholas Smith. Most Improved Senior – Travis Banks. Best junior Boy – Murray Copeland. Best Junior Girl. – Colette Fourie Most Improved Junior – Kerrin Burgess and Kerri-lyn Claase. Zero to Hero Trophy – The spirit of a Hero. Conquering challenges. – Keagan Bothma and Keagan Pretorius Zero to Heroine Trophy –Phillipa Austin League Novice Girl – Danilka Brechenmacher League Novice Boy – Morne Du Plessis and Adrian Ristow. Shooting Star – boy – Jody Copeland. Shootig Star – girl – Zoe Stock. Meritorious Awards: Provincial Colours: Jessica Burgess – Open Water swimming. Murray Copeland Storm Ryder Ashleigh Stock Caiytlyn Stott

Provincial Representation: Colette Fourie Jessica Burgess Savannah Mitchell Level 3 Regional Competitors Ashleigh Stock Level 2 Regional Competitors Travis Banks. Kerrin Burgess Jessica Burgess Murray Copeland Colette Fourie Savannah Mitchell Storm Ryder Nicholas Smith Jonathan Smith Caitlin Stott Nadine Vorster. Clayton Malaza. Kerri lyn Classe Kyle McKenzie Skye Sheerin Savannah Sheerin Level 1 Regionals Competitors Keara Bothma Brooklynn Bohler Morne Du Plessis Caitlin Ashford Danika Brechenmacher Ciaran Le Goff Adrian Ristow

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