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Jody Following in Brother Murray's Wake

Jody Copeland posed in a triumphant mood, after competing at the ESP Novice Prestige Gala. He aged up the week before (8 years), but still managed to earn a Bronze for the butterfly event in the 10 and under age group, and silver in the backstroke.

ESP Kempton Aquatics holds an exciting series of galas for non Swim South Africa registered swimmers (i.e Novices - swimmers learning how to race). These events help to raise funds for the league swimmers. Two galas are held earlier in the season from which the top 8 times are selected, in each age and event. These selected swimmers then complete for medals in the Prestige event always held at the end of season.

Twelve future league swimmers competed from the Aquatic Academy. Matthew Greenfield was our shining star, winning 3 gold and 1 silver medal. Keagan Pretorius won 2 bronzes. Jared Wade a silver and bronze. In the girls events, Mikayla Pon won 2 silvers and Lana James 3 silver medals.

Other qualifiers that were able to compete were Kirsten Swartz, Zoe Stock, Phoebe Roberts, Kyle North and Zachery Scott.

Jody Copeland pictured at the Boksburg North Indoor facility.

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